Mark 16:15 says "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every living creature".  Mt Pleasant Baptist Church understands that we live in a world that is desprate need of the gospel.  This is why we support over one hundred missonaries, both here in the states, and across the world.  Please remeber these missionaries in your prayers as they work dilgently on the feild that the Lord has called them to. 


Steve Aholt New Guinea
Davilus Alberto Haiti
Connie Anderson Haiti
Jennifer Andrews Liechtenstein
Isagaul Antonio Cambodia
Dan Bennett Brazil
Burdette Bergen Germany
Andrew Bernard Guyana
Mike Blake Welch West Virginia
Daryl Bonifacius H.E.L.P Home Office, USA
Steve Burke Singapore
Elisio  Chano Philippines
Dwayne Chase Honduras
Paul Childers Italy
Steve Cooke Jewish Worldwide Mission Ministries         
Justin Cooper Evangelist 
Robert Cropsey Toga, West Africa
John Davis Gleaning For Christ Missions Inc. (Printing Ministry)    Looneyville, WV
Rick Demastus Scotland
Todd  Dewitt Southern Brazil
Joel Dickens Brazil
Scotty Drake H.E.L.P. Director, NC
Libby Dreisbach Philippines
Faith Dugan CEF Home Office
Mark Edwards Brazil
Jessie Faigmane Philippines
Edgar Feghaly Lebanon
Bill Fluker Jackson, Mississippi
Doug Fry Portugal
Jeff Garrison Cincinnati, Ohio/Spanish
Miguel Garroni Argentina
Judy Gearis Florida
Humberto  Gomez Mexico
Manuel Gomez Mexico
John Gossett Trinidad
David Greear  
Stan Haak Central Bapt. Ranch Home for boys
Gary Hale Dominican Republic
Al Hamilton Africa
Glenn Harbaugh Anchorage, AK
Roy  Harrison Switzerland
Tony  Hess Russia
Geraldine King Jewish/NY
George Kungu Kenya, Africa
Tom Kweder Tent Maker Ministry
Ricardo Lees Bahamas
Greg  Lentz Hearts with Hands, NC
Tony  Lucas Clendenin, WV 
Max Manay Philippines
Christopher   Matebe Tanzania
Dorothy McClure Jamaica
Terry McClure Micronesia
Pat McCoy Alaska
John Mick Elkview, WV
Wilfredo Nell Philippines
Karen Nolen Mexico
Wesley Palla Brazil
Gerald Pauley Canada
Matt  Perrine Church Planter - Petersburg, WV 
Tiffany   Phaisarnpiwats Thailand
Eric Porterfield  
Shane Rice Italy
Brian Rice Canada
Linda Richards Zambia
Juan Riquelme Chile
David Rodrigues Missionary Printer
  Roloff  Corpus Christi, TX
Jean Rousseau Quebec
David Russell Armed Forces
Bob  Rutta New Zealand
Mr. Selvan Namakal, India
Travis Sharpe Unsheltered Intl.
Mark Siekbert Mexico
Charles Siekbert Uganda, Africa
Andrew Steers Australia
Jerrold Thomas Worldwide Training
  Tri-State Children's Home   Bristol, TN
  Union Mission Ministries Charleston, WV
Lito Valencia Philippines
Clint Vernoy Venezuela
Norris Ward Anchorage, AK
Matthew  Waskey Canada
John Webb Dominican Republic
Ken Wheelock Ecuador
Danny White  Costa Rica
Johnathan White  Costa Rica
Ron White  Japan
Danny Whitfield Spanish speaking/US
Allen Whitt Family Policy Council of WV
John Wilburn Australia
Andrew Wilson Former East Germany
  Woman's Choice Pregnancy Center - Charleston, WV
Arnold Woodard Mexico
Roger Wright Philippines
Mohan Zaigirdar England

**pray for the missionaries that could not be listed due to their missionfield**

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