The Young Adults at Mt. Pleasant are for those in their 20s and 30s, whether married, single, or recently singled. We meet regularly at the "Crossroads House" just beside the church for the Young Adult Sunday School Class at 10:00-10:45 am on Sundays and for Crossroads from 7:00-8:15 pm on Wednesday nights. In every class, led by Pastor Dean and his wife Stephanie, there is fellowship, fun, and practical Bible teaching in order to fully equip every young adult at our church to face the challenges of the world today. 

Our Current Classroom in the front of the Crossroads House

We are currently in the process of remodeling the "Crossroads House." In January, 2013, we began a project in order to convert an old house into a fully functional chapel just beside the church in order to hold our classes and services in. Completion of this project is expected to be March, 2014 and our first class in our new chapel will be Easter Sunday, 2014. This is an transitional, yet exciting time for our ministry, and we hope that through this project God will continue to bless our ministry. 

Along with our services and classes, the Young Adults have many incredible activities throughout the year, either for service or for just pure fellowship and fun... Some of our activities include...


- Serving and preaching at the Homeless Shelter

- Serving at Nursing Homes

- A Summer Trip 

- Bunco Parties

- Cookouts

- Get togethers

- Softball

- Volleyball

- Easter Egg Hunt

- Fall Festival

- Various Conferences


With our theme being "Servant Hearted, Kingdom Minded," the goal of the Young Adult Ministry is to teach in order to grow in Christ and to serve others with the goal of being able to lead them to Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus, the Son of God modeled this idea as the Servant of God while on this earth as Mark's gospel succinctly records it. 


If you have been given a card with this website on the back we thank you for checking us out, and we invite you to join us for either Sunday School or Wednesday night "Crossroads." 

The Beginning of Demo - turning three bedrooms and a bathroom into a new chapel
The Chapel in the midst of construction
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